Social Network Solutions

Social Marketing Consultation


Social Network Solutions specializes in Social Marketing, so why not let us teach you how to do it better! We will work with you to better your Social Marketing skills, and if you've got questions, we've got answers!

Specialized Social Networking Campaign


By working closely with you, we will develop specialized tactics to target the people you want! We will identify goals and objectives you have, then implement them into a working plan. This comes about through our strategic planning. Let our experts help your business reach it's goals! 

Developing a Social Networking Strategic Plan

$39.99 - $69.99 depending on needs.

Drafting and writing a Social Network Marketing Plan


Getting more fans, followers, or subscribers on your social networks

We will working with you until the desired number is reached. We're going to get people who want to know about your products or services, so you can be sure that social networks will help your business grow!

$6.99 for first 50, then $9.99 for each additional 100.

Social Network Solutions administration of your account

$9.99/week and we will spend a minimum of 3-4 hours/week doing what we do best!

Social Network Research

$14.99 for basic and advanced research done for your business.

Just need help setting up an account?

We would be glad to help you at no charge if you purchase another one of our services!

Don't want another one of our services? No problem, $5.99 and we can get you up and running on any site you desire.

Looking for something not listed? Let us know!